US controlled regime change in Egypt?…

US controlled regime change in Egypt?…

William Engdahl – autor al cărții ‘Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the new world order’:

Am extras, în continuare, câteva paragrafe relevante dintr-un articol (pdf) al lui William Engdahl despre strategia SUA în Orientul Mijlociu:

“The US plan envisioned takeover of regional banking and financial affairs by new institutions
ostensibly international but, like World Bank and IMF, de facto controlled by Washington, including
WTO. The goal of Washington’s long-term project is to completely control the oil, to completely
control the oil revenue flows, to completely control the entire economies of the region, from
Morocco to the borders of China and all in between. It is a project as bold as it is desperate.”

“What is widely ignored in the CNN and BBC and other Western media coverage of the Egypt events
is the fact that whatever his excesses at home, Egypt’s Mubarak represented a major obstacle
within the region to the larger US agenda.”

“Behind the facade of proclaiming democratic reforms of autocratic regimes in the entire region, the
Greater Middle East was and is a blueprint to extend US military control and to break open the
statist economies in the entire span of states from Morocco to the borders of China and Russia.”

“Prior to the June 2004 G8 Summit on Sea Island, Georgia, Washington issued a working paper,
“G8-Greater Middle East Partnership.” Under the section titled Economic Opportunities was
Washington’s dramatic call for “an economic transformation similar in magnitude to that
undertaken by the formerly communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe.”

“The protests that led to the abrupt firing of the entire Egyptian government by President Mubarak
on the heels of the panicked flight of Tunisia’s Ben Ali into a Saudi exile are not at all as
“spontaneous” as the Obama White House, Clinton State Department or CNN, BBC and other major
media in the West make them to be.
They are being organized in a Ukrainian-style high-tech electronic fashion with large internet-linked
networks of youth tied to Mohammed ElBaradei and the banned and murky secret Muslim
Brotherhood, whose links to British and American intelligence and freemasonry are widely

“The current Pentagon scenario for Egypt reads like a Cecil B. DeMille Hollywood spectacular, only
this one with a cast of millions of Twitter-savvy well-trained youth, networks of Muslim
Brotherhood operatives, working with a US-trained military. In the starring role of the new
production at the moment is none other than a Nobel Peace Prize winner who conveniently appears
to pull all the threads of opposition to the ancien regime into what appears as a seamless transition
into a New Egypt under a self-proclaimed liberal democratic revolution.”

De asemenea, mai jos e un interviu radio tot cu William Engdahl, mai lung, dar interesant pentru situația de ansamblu din Orientul Mijlociu și, în special, legat de opoziția de interese imperialiste ale SUA, Rusiei și Chinei. Pe de o parte SUA cheltuiește miliarde pentru a controla militar situația din Orientul Mijlociu și Asia Centrală, dar pe de altă parte Tunisia și Iranul au încheiat contracte cu companii energetice din China și Rusia:

Aceeași chestiune analizată de Gerald Celente pe

“As we will see in Egypt, military coups will be disguised as regime changes. Already the public is being conditioned to view the Egyptian military as beloved liberators. But in fact they are simply another arm of the autocratic government, no more familiar with democratic ideals than the dictator they replace…who had himself been drawn from the ranks of the military.”

“Since Mubarak’s exit, Beltway policy wonks and political front-men have been urging Washington to funnel funds to “pro democracy” groups in Egypt as part of an effort to influence the shape of the next government, to insure “stability” and support US foreign policy interests.”

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