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Dacă tot am avut parte în ultimul timp de preocupări metodologice, să fie spus aici și că Bob Murphy îl citează pe blogul său pe Brad DeLong negând recent existența legilor economice. Comentează Murphy:

I feel utterly vindicated. For a few years now, when people ask me, “Are these Keynesians stupid or evil?” I say, “No, I think it’s that they don’t believe in economic law. So they aren’t lying in their minds. They can go to sleep at night because they think, ‘For all we know, my policy prescriptions just might work. Those free market guys can’t be sure they’re right either. This is just a big game we play with the public.’”

Now I had guys like Krugman in mind when crafting such responses; I really do think Krugman is clever enough to realize he can justify any policy response he wants, by making some ad hoc assumptions about political feasibility and then whipping up a two-period model.

But DeLong explicitly admits that he doesn’t believe there are economic laws. Very refreshing.

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