Pentru deversarea comunismului american pe canalele reeducarii publice

Pentru deversarea comunismului american pe canalele reeducarii publice

Expresia “mama si tata” interzisa in Marea Britanie

«Profesorii din Marea Britanie nu vor mai avea voie sa foloseasca expresia “mama si tata” si nu vor trebui sa presupuna ca elevii au parinti heterosexuali…

In acelasi timp, scolile ar trebui sa incurajeze si sa prezinte drept model persoanele gay din randul personalului din invatamant, parintilor sau guvernatorilor…

Luna urmatoare in scolile din insula britanica este luna “Lesbienelor, homosexualilor, Bisexualilor si Transsexualilor in Istorie…»

…datoram vesnica recunostinta detractorilor lui Ron Paul:

Libertines or Libertarians? by Thomas DiLorenzo

«[On their list of heroes of “freedom” ] we have novelist William Burroughs who “proved that you can abuse your body in every way imaginable and still outlive the entire universe.”

Hugh Hefner gets an honorable mention for having “mainstreamed bohemian sexual mores,” but Reason’s real hero in this regard is Larry Flynt, who “brought tastelessness to new depths.”

Madonna is on the list for having “led a glorious parade of freaks, gender benders, and weirdos” on MTV. Tennis pro Martina Navratilova heroically “was the first superstar athlete to admit she’s gay.”

Country music legend Willie Nelson made the list not for his music but for having “smoked dope” in the Carter White House.

Former pro basketball player Dennis Rodman is feated not for his athletic accomplishments but for being “a cross-dressing, serially pierced, tatoo-laden” athlete who is known for his “flamboyant, frequently gay-ish antics.”

Science fiction writer Robert Henlein heroically championed “really alternative sexual practices” (emphasis in original)…

I think this explains some of the extreme hatred they tend to display toward those of us who simply have the attitude of “who cares?” about all of this and refuse to equate libertarianism with hedonism, illicit drug use, self mutiliation, libertinism, and various other juvenile fantasies…»

…vesnica recunostinta groparilor oricarei trepidatii de liberalism politic:

The Orange Line: anatomy of a smear campaign

«…Regardless of the outcome of this election, the process has been quite enlightening. The people who chose to smear Ron Paul have now utterly exposed THEMSELVES for what they are… “[C]osmopolitan/beltway libertarians” simply like to criticize big government but do not really want it to go away because then they would have nothing to whine about and no way to get their sponsors — a few billionaires and a bunch of far less wealthy, unsuspecting and trusting libertarians — to continue funding their beltway lifestyles and ego trips… [B]eltway libertarians talk about liberty, but when push comes to shove, it appears that they have to prove to their masters that they don’t really mean it … But the Ron Paul campaign has done a lot of good. Ron Paul has educated people about monetary policy and foreign policy while exposing myriad hypocrites and phonies along the way…» (from a comment by Scott Trask)

…vesnica recunostinta prea putin cunoscutului etalon existential al Hefnerilor din toate partidele – Alfred Kinsey:

A Personal Odyssey to the Truth by Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.

I now knew, because I had witnessed it, that there was a growing and proselytizing “international academic pedophile movement” which was on record as wanting access to children for sex…Again, I wondered what kind of academic training was producing the coarsened and predatory intelligentsia I had met?…

Dr. Paul Gebhard… who succeeded Dr. Kinsey as the Kinsey Institute Director, wrote to me that the children in Kinsey’s tables were obtained from parents, school teachers and homosexuals who liked young boys and that some of the men used “manual and oral techniques” to catalog how many “orgasms” infants and children could produce in a given amount of time…

Perhaps worst of all for me, as a scholar and a mother, were on pages 160 and 161, Kinsey claimed his data came from “interviews.” How could he say 196 little children— some as young as 2-months of age—enjoyed “fainting,” “screaming,” “weeping,” and “convulsing”—how could he call these children’s responses evidence of their sexual pleasure and “climax”? I called it evidence of terror, of pain, as well as criminal…

The Man Who Mainstreamed Perversion

…The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University eventually lost its Rockefeller Foundation funding due to severe criticism from English medical authorities who questioned the idea that norms could be based on the behavior of sexual criminals. But Playboy, Penthouse, and Planned Parenthood came to Kinsey’s aid.

Together, they established the school sex-education industry through their subsidiaries, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) and the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS), which together write most of the curricula used for elementary and secondary school sex education and certify most sex-ed teachers…»

Last but not least, vesnica recunostinta “inaltului patronaj politic” spre care converge si de care depinde, pesemne, “cultura” barbarilor din interior (in conditiile in care protectia liberala, non-agresiva dar eliberata de sabotajul etatist, a persoanei & proprietatii, sau chiar numai posibilitatea raspandirii ostracismului pacisfist, dar ferm, ar putea duce la eliminarea ei din societate):

On Kinsey’s German, Nazi Pedophile Aide

Kinsey’s German/Nazi And Russian/Communist Connections

European Human Rights Court has affirmed the Nazi-era ban on homeschooling

[Nota: Evident, nimic din cele de mai sus nu contrazice neutralitatea ordinii liberale de drept fata de libertinismul (“stanga”) sau traditionalismul (“dreapta”) culturale non-agresive si nici nu ofera argumente a priori in favoarea imposibilitatii aparitiei si/sau dezvoltarii unor comunitati libertine, in cadrul sau. Totusi, filiatia intelectuala si existentiala a sabotorilor programului liberal al patriotului american Ron Paul sugereaza validitatea concluziei inductive, traditionaliste si crestine, ca practicantii persistenti ai viciilor sfarsesc nu rareori inrobiti de ele si tind sa devina – mai devreme sau mai tarziu – daca nu violatori propriu-zisi ai persoanei si proprietatii, cel putin tradatori ai oricarui ideal supra-egolatru si incapabili de altruismul minim necesar cooperarii sociale. Pe scurt, tradarea liberalismului de catre libertinism ilustreaza, pur si simplu, marturisirea candida facuta cindva de un E.M.Forster (citat de Paul Johnson in Modern Times, HarperCollins, 1991, p. 167/O istorie a lumii moderne, Humanitas, 2005, p.169), de pe pozitiile sodomismlui cultural programatic din anturajul lui Lytton Strachey si John Maynard Keynes: “If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country.”

Mutatis mutandis, iata si venerabila metoda de protectie si terapie a Bisericii, in cazurile de barbarie obstinata “din interior”:

On the Meaning of the Word Anathema]

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