Ghicitoare prezidențială

Cine este cel mai bun dintre candidații republicani la președinție? Cineva din America se întreabă:

1. Who is most committed to follow and lead by the U.S. Constitution?
2. Who has the greatest leadership ability to rally, unify and mobilize citizens across political and societal spectrums?
3. Who has the best working comprehension of America?
4. Who has the best ability to influence a volatile world away from its brink of destruction?
5. Who has clear and present moral fortitude?
6. Who can best beat President Barack Obama (in and outside of debates)?
7. Who has the best abilities to lead Washington politics and politicians?
8. Who has the best plan and leadership ability to restore America’s economy?
9. Who is the most fiscally prudent?
10. Who has demonstrated the highest regard for human life?

Să fie Ron Paul? Neee, este Newt Gingrich, spune … Chuck Norris.

Îndrăznește cineva să îl contrazică? Ei bine, Walter Block se pare că este de-a dreptul inconștient:

Why is it that ONLY Ron Paul can’t win? Lookit, when there are almost a dozen initial candidates, all but one “can’t win.”

Let me assure the War Street Journal: Not only CAN Ron Paul win, not only does he WANT to win, but, stick this in your pipe and smoke it, he WILL win.

Arguendo, it is entirely possible that “Ron Paul didn’t win Iowa. He didn’t win New Hampshire. He won’t win here on Saturday, and he won’t win Florida. The Texas congressman will not likely be the first choice for Republican nominee in a single U.S. state.” However, if he keeps coming in second and third, and no one else wins all the contested states, he might well amass enough delegates to win. So far, Santorum won in Iowa, Romney in New Hampshire, and if Gingrich takes South Carolina, this scenario looks as if it has some legs.

But, the main reason Congressman Paul is not taking first place is the incessant media chatter that Obama will beat him; he is not “electable.” However, at least so far, only Paul and Romney tie Obama. When this begins to percolate through the electorate, we will see not only second and third place showings, but some wins for liberty as well.

Walter Block, ai grijă!

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