Small Books, Great Ideas

The Ludwig von Mises Institute - Romania offers the Small Books, Great Ideas seminar to students, PhD candidates, college students and all willing - irrespective of their age - to be introduced to (and/or to deepen their knowledge of) basic ideas of thinkers like Mises, Hazlitt, Bastiat, Rothbard and others.

These ideas are the sole ultimate guarantors of well-understood liberty, the liberty that we all need in order to be decent, redeem our souls and receive happiness, with the question of material well-being resolved up to the desired extent.

Books to be studied in the 2006 - 2007 academic year:

1. Henry Hazlitt - Economics in One Lesson
2. Gene Callahan - Economics for Real People
3. Murray Rothbard - What Has Government Done to Our Money?
4. Tom Woods - The Church and the Market
5. Ludwig von Mises - Calculul economic şi imposibilitatea planificării raţionale în regim socialist
6. Walter Block - În apărarea indezirabililor

Complementary readings (to be resorted to during the seminar meetings):

1. Murray Rothbard - For a New Liberty
2. Ludwig von Mises - Capitalismul si duşmanii săi
3. Tom Woods - How Catholic Church Built Western Civilization
4. David Gordon - An Introduction to Economic Reasoning
5. F. A. Hayek - Drumul către servitute
6. Ken Schoolland - Aventurile lui Jonathan Gullible

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