Can Unconventional Monetary Policy End The Recession? A Mises Evening with Cris Lingle · 19 iunie 2013

Dr. Christopher Lingle is going to be our guest at Ceai la Vlaicu, on Friday evening, June 21, from 7 pm, talking on the title topic.

Cris Lingle has acquired an unintended and costly world fame for talking truth to government. As a professor at the National University of Singapore, he has published an opinion piece in the Herald Tribune, on October 7, 1994, criticizing “intolerant regimes” and their “compliant judiciary”. He has consequently been sued for libel and escaped to liberty by fleeing Singapore on the shortest notice, leaving all belongings behind.

Since then, he has published a book on this subject.

Friday night, Cris is going to talk to us about his view on how and how not to end the present recession. He is an accomplished public speaker and this, added to his academic credentials, promises an informative and entertaining evening.

The entrance is free.

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